KLIMA+ is a scheme created by the Grønne Erhverv (Green Commerce) department of the Copenhagen City Council and aimed at companies in all fields, both large and small, who wish make a greater investment in climate improvement.

As part of KLIMA+, Green Commerce provides advisory services to companies wishing to reduce CO2 emissions and the companies are invited to become KLIMA+ members.

Within the hospitality industry, both hotels and restaurants have of course the possibility to be part of KLIMA+. As an example, restaurants are required to focus on the relationship there is between the food we eat and the burden on our climate. They should be able to create and produce climate friendly menus, suitable for a 3 course meal that is climate friendly in every aspect – ingredients, production and presentation – and based on an environmental awareness in all aspects of the restaurant’s operations.

To help achieve this goal, KLIMA+ offers restaurants free advisory services, an “Inspiration List” as well as fundamental information and material to market their product and the scheme.

Restaurants and hotels can even take membership one step further by formulating (and adhering to!) a climate and environment plan, which would allow them the status of KLIMA+ Frontrunner.

All KLIMA+ members can advertise their status with a green sticker, relevant to their membership status, as shown right.

Apart from the Copenhagen City Council, the KLIMA+ scheme is supported by the Danish Foreign Ministry, VisitDenmark, the Wonderful Copenhagen Visitors Bureau and, of course, the hotel and restaurant industry within Denmark.