Scandic Hotels

The Nordic hotel chain, Scandic, which has 8 hotels in the Copenhagen area, is one of the suppliers who has taken social responsibility seriously and a step further than many of its competitors. Since 1994, the hotel chain has worked hard to make its resource usage more efficient. Not only are technological resources employed to ensure effective energy usage but methodology and actions that promote energy economy are an integral part of all staff training. As far as all construction & renovation of Scandic properties is concerned – it uses sustainable, recyclable products such as cotton, wood and wool. When items such as sheets, towels and furniture are replaced, the chain donates the replaced items to local shelters for the homeless.

For the guests, the chain serves organic foods and no longer uses disposable packages for food and beauty products. In each room, the garbage bin permits recycling of paper, plastic, metal and organic; and every hotel offers bike rental for guests who insist on (or just prefer) green transportation. Today a guest staying one night at a Scandic hotel generates 1.5 kilos less CO2, uses 35 litres of water less and leaves one kilo less waste than 10 years ago.

For more, view their campaign on the website:

Popular Scandic hotels in the city center are Front, Palace, Weber & Copenhagen: