Stenløse – Stenløse – Europe’s largest low energy area

A visit to Stenløse includes meetings with local inhabitants and inspection of several examples of social housing, where passive and positive energy (to which the integrated heat recovery unit of the ventilation system contributes), is creating a higher standard of living and quality of life for families, children and old people. For the visit, each group is accompanied by 2-3 representatives who will answer as many questions as possible.

The area consists of an ambitious project of 750 low energy houses in the Egedal municipality, not yet completed but which has already been an inspiration for other projects. The project is the first example of a Danish municipality being the instigator and being involved to such an extent with energy saving initiatives. Mr. Willy Eliasen, Chairman of the Egedal Municipal Council said: “It was ground-breaking that we, as Municipal Council, could reach agreement on defining energy and environmental requirements for a whole urban area. We hope to inspire others”

Recently, the Egedal Municipal Council took another energy saving step by deciding that virtually all future buildings within the municipality will have to comply with, “Low energy class 1” regulations, which are the strictest within Danish legislation – the only exceptions being privately built, single family houses. As of 2009, approximately 2,5% of all citizens within the Egedal municipal area live in low energy houses.