How do we approach the project?

At First United, “listen and learn” are the keywords and cornerstone of our approach to any project – by listening, we learn to appreciate and understand the goals of an event.

Our first goal is to acquire a complete understanding of the client’s objectives.

Understanding the event objectives is vital for our ability to offer the best support and advice relevant to the event.

Based on our knowledge of the objectives, our research and development are then tailored to create an event that will achieve the desired goals.

At First United, another essential feature of “how” is dialogue – by discussing the goals of an event and exchanging ideas, our recommendations can be fine tuned to ensure fulfilment of the goals.

Relationship building is an important feature of our work method and a vital element of matching our goals to those of the client – events that develop, motivate and inspire participants.

The practical part of how includes logistics management and services such as:

– Meet and Greet services
– Transportation coordination
– Hospitality personnel and guides
– Hotel reservations
– Restaurant reservations
– Excursions
– Banquets
– Entertainment
– Meeting and conference management
– Supplier contracting and management
– Event production
– Budget control