In the run up to Christmas 2009, the eyes of the world will be on Copenhagen as leaders and diplomats from all over the world endeavour to formulate a global strategy to improve the planet’s climate prospects.

As a result of the overwhelming political interest, the focus of companies and organisations within the industrial, public service and tourism sectors on all aspects of our ecosystems has markedly sharpened over the last year. Copenhagen and the Øresund region is therefore the ideal destination for events and companies for which sustainability is not just a buzzword but a goal which influences thought processes and decisions at all levels.

Within this region, sustainability has become an important feature of developments within a broad cross section of industries and services.

First United can create programmes which feature technical or professional visits to virtually any of the sustainable, environmentally friendly developments (or others that are relevant for your client’s interests) – energy production, energy conservation, sustainable redevelopment, waste recycling et al – within the Copenhagen/Øresund region.

Of course, we can reserve accommodation and organise meetings at hotels and venues where sustainability is an integral feature the hotel’s/venue’s operation – energy conservation, kitchen operations, laundering etc., – and organise the meals at restaurants where the uses of ecologically produced or organic ingredients are the basis for the cuisine.

Tell us which features are important for your client’s conscience and we will create a programme that will not only make the client happy – it will also do nothing to adversely affect the company’s carbon footprint.

At First United, we are very conscious of how we affect our environment and office routines include efforts to avoid unnecessary use of paper, consequently also minimising the use of printers and photocopiers. Throughout our offices, we have installed programmed controls to regulate the use of lighting and heating and limit CO2 emissions and employees are encouraged to cycle to work or make use of the mass transportation systems.

First United appreciates that our planet, its climate and ecology are worth care – and we care about your clients.