Denmark has “Hygge”, New Nordic Cuisine, and Historic Castles

Denmark has it all from Vikings, Kings, Queens and fairy tales to urban lifestyle and a strong focus on sustainability. Copenhagen is a Green city filled with charming old buildings and twisted copper towers. Yet the city is at the same time modern and vibrant with cutting edge design, fashion and bicycles everywhere! Contact us today and we’ll tell you much more about our DMC and PCO services in Denmark.

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Copenhagen No. 1 City, Best in Travel 2019, ranked by Lonely Planet. The reason is clear; Copenhagen is super cool, green and top modern.


Århus, the second largest city in Denmark, is full of modern architecture, vibrant energy, and living history.
Claes Bech Poulsen_ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum_Your Rainbow Panorama_VisitDenmark

North Sealand

Royal castles, the crystal blue ocean, and a captivating green country side.
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Be a Viking for a day; sail a Viking ship on the Fjords in Roskilde.
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Inspirational Activities

(c) LEGO® House
Teambuilding | LEGO® House
Let the creativity flow; Learn while you play and play while you Learn. LEGO® has developed various teambuilding activities for corporate events.
(c) Ditte Isager_ ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum_VisitDenmark
Architecture & Design | Denmark
Inspiring Danish Architecture & Design fills the city and the daily life; it’s the furniture, the lamps, the jewelry, the cutlery – it’s everything.
Hamlet themed Gala Dinners | Kronborg Castle
Throw a hamlet themed gala dinner at Kronborg with live actors performing scenes from the famous Shakespeare play "Hamlet".
(c) Claes Bech Poulsen_visitDenmark
New Nordic Cuisine | Denmark
The world-famous restaurant Noma has paved the way, and many restaurants are following the “local” path with earth-to-table ingredients grown in the backyard.
(c) Kim Wyon_VisitDenmark
Historic Castles | Copenhagen & countryside
Copenhagen and the country side is filled with historic castles. Many royal castles are open to the public.
CSR & Sustainability | Copenhagen
BZZZ – What’s all the buzz about. Visit the non-profit company Bybi and take part in their teambuilding events.
(c) Martin Heiberg_VisitDenmark
Viking Ships | Roskilde
Experience the original Viking ships that bear witness to war, trade and sea voyages. You'll also get the chance to sail a Viking Ship where you will take part in rowing and setting the sail.
(c) Kim Wyon_VisitDenmark
"HYGGE" | Everywhere
"HYGGE" is a way of living, a way of wining & dining and a way of enjoying life – we guarantee it will grow on you.
(c) Thomas Rousing_VisitDenmark
Kayaking | Copenhagen
Board a kayak and get a perfect view of the city from the surface of its central nerve; the canals of Copenhagen.
H.C. Andersen | Denmark
H.C. Andersen is all about storytelling. Denmark is a fairy tale - which you will love just like you love H.C. Andersen's fairy tales...
VIKINGS | Countryside
Be a Viking for a day. Visit a historical workshop, and dress up like a Viking, taste Mjød (Viking alcoholic beverage), and learn about Viking culture and traditions. Finish the day with a Viking themed gala dinner with Viking decorations on the walls and live actors fighting in full Viking gear.
Exclusive use of TIVOLI | Copenhagen
Let First United arrange a private party in Tivoli Gardens with activities opened exclusively for your group.
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