Brøchner Hotels

The Danish owned Brøchner hotels is also taking a new approach in the global climate initiative by becoming the world’s first CO2-neutral hotel chain. On the basis of their heat- and electricity consumption for 2007, the Danish hotel chain has calculated its collective CO2 emissions and subsequently purchased carbon credits corresponding to this consumption level. Brøchner Hotels will commit to buying carbon credits equivalent to their collective emissions every year from this point forward.

To quote the chain’s “Environment and Climate” policy 

“With our heart in it”. The slogan applies to our whole world – our guests, our employees, our suppliers and the society around us. We aim to be decent, conscientious and caring. Because we put our heart into society, we feel it is our duty to do our part for the environment and the climate by acting responsibly. For these reasons, we have developed the following 5-points as part of our Environment and Climate plan:

We want to implement a number of environmental and energy-saving initiatives.

We want to be carbon neutral, starting right now!

We want our guests to be part of these initiatives.

We want to initiate a global network of carbon neutral hotels.

We want to be part of environmentally and climate-friendly relations.


The chain has concretised its goals and, using both technological resources and personnel driven activities in the daily activities, the objective is to reduce energy consumption by 25% by the end of 2012. The chain now stipulates a set of criteria that cover sustainability, recyclability, CO2 emissions and energy consumption to all suppliers and employee training includes developing a greater understanding of environmental and climate issues as well as providing them with tools to apply this understanding, both at work and at home.

The chain has, from 2009, commenced purchasing carbon quotas in order to neutralise the emissions associated with energy supplier deliveries and persuade the suppliers t invest in climate friendly production methods. Similarly, purchase of carbon credits, investment in environment friendly energy sources and actively supporting the expansion of the world’s forests are all part of the chain’s activities.

Guest participation is important to the chain’s success: through newsletters, notices in the hotel rooms, amenity product range and the chain’s active participation in environment related activities/events with corporate clients as well as the availability of overnight packages that neutralise the guests’ energy consumption by contributing to the destruction of carbon quotas, guests will directly contribute to the achievement of the goals.

The chain has taken the first steps toward the establishment of a global network of carbon neutral hotels, expanding awareness both within the industry and amongst guests, by participating in lecture tours, industry conferences, press events and other activities for the exchange of ideas and which increase visibility, i.a. 

The chain has earmarked resources for these activities as well as for the establishment of alliances and networks and active participation in the ongoing political debate