Green Lighthouse

Public authorities, private sector organizations and concerned citizens are all struggling, not only with the mathematics but also with the problem’s magnitude, with the task how to effectively contribute to reductions in CO2 emissions. The construction industry is one of the most energy consuming industries and that is why the University of Copenhagen is now collaborating with two major industrial players, Velux and Velfac, the Danish University and Property Agency (UBST) as well as the City of Copenhagen on the construction of this climate friendly house of the future. The climate friendly house is located at the Faculty of Science “Nørre Campus”, in Copenhagen’s northern quarter and houses service and administrative functions for students, meeting facilities and a club. Construction of the house took a little less than a year and was completed in October 2009, in time for the UN Climate Conference taking place in Copenhagen. The goal of all parties, as the name suggests, is that the house will be a beacon for future construction projects.