Guldsmeden Hotel Chain

The Danish hotel chain Guldsmeden, with three hotels in Copenhagen, is a good choice for the environmentally conscious consumer. In addition to providing an organic breakfast and dinner, the chain produces its own organic personal care products.

The properties are almost exclusively furnished with long-life materials – stone, wood etc. All wood is from approved plantations, so that natural vegetation is not subject to depletion.

Recycling and waste management is extremely important to us: two good examples of this are the organic coffee scrub, which is used in the Spa – it is made of the coffee grounds left over from breakfast and mixed with epsom-salt and essential oil and the other is the delicious brown-bread yoghurt sprinkles, which are made from yesterday´s leftover brown bread (rugbrød/rye bread). It is diced, baked with honey and toasted almonds and thus the bread lives again on the breakfast table, thereby wasting little. And whatever the chain cannot re-use, is “recycled” as much as Copenhagen city authorities permit!

The chain purchases green energy from Natur Energi, who specialize in producing green energy from watermills, windmills and bio-fuel as well as solar energy, while making sure that the production does not impact negatively on the environment.

Solar panels are currently being installed on the hotel roofs to facilitate self-sufficiency as far as possible. All energy-using appliances in the hotels are as low-energy consumptive as possible, and of course the hotel have movement detection sensors and energy-saving light bulbs. The plants in the hotel courtyards and gardens are watered with rain water in collected in barrels.

The hotels do not use plastic bottles with water in any of the rooms or cafés – the water in Denmark is proven as cleaner and fresher straight from the tap, than any store-bought water –therefore the chain has produced re-usable glass bottles with the inscription ”Great water straight from the tap” for use by guests and employees throughout the hotels. All minibar contents are organic, as are the health and beauty products to be found in rooms.

All suppliers – of food, drink, sanitary products, beauty and health products, cleaning products, linen, towels etc. – are organic and/or fair-trade and most are based locally. The use of printed matter is limited as much as possible and almost all marketing is internet based but any unavoidable printing is produced by a printer with a sustainability policy.

Everything – from sweets to miniature alcohol bottles, from cotton buds to trash bags – is either organic, sustainable, fairtrade and/or biodegradable – and often produced to the chain’s own specifications.

The Guldsmeden chain has joined Klima+, an environmental project developed by Copenhagen’s mayor with environmental responsibility, Klaus Bondam, and has been appointed frontrunner in this project recently became a member of Green Globe, an international certification organisation with the strictest environmental standards within tourism today.