Fremtidens Parcelhuse (Houses of the future)

Fremtidens Parcelhuse is a new area of detached houses in Herfølge, 40 km south of Copenhagen. All houses are being build with strict requirements regarding energy-efficiency and environmental impact. The building projectoffers 86 different suggestions for energy efficient and environmentally friendly houses which are affordable, attractive & healthy. The houses do not damage the environment unnecessarily neither during the building- and demolishing process nor during years of use. On a 1:1 exhibition Fremtidens Parcelhuse shows, that you can build and live energy- and environmentally friendly in an urban area of detached houses – without being a do-it-yourself builder and without reducing the comfort of traditional accommodation or the quality of the construction. At the exhibition you can see 44 detached houses, 9/18 semi-detached houses and 21 terraced houses.