Nordic Ecolabel

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official Ecolabel in the Nordic region. It is one of the leading Ecolabels in the world. Its aim is to promote a sustainable development. The Nordic Ecolabel trademark is proof that a product or service meets rigorous demands regarding the environment, health, function and quality. All products and services are assessed through testing, document review and on-site visits.

The Nordic Ecolabel is a guarantee that the hotel has met the highest standards regarding environmental, health, functionality and quality requirements. These standards are helping hotels reduce their environmental impact, everything from how to reduce energy and water usage to minimizing their use of chemical products and recycling their refuse. But it doesn’t end with that. Every three or four years the criteria standards are updated. Hotels that carry the Nordic Ecolabel trademark must continually improve their environmental work.

You can see the result of this work in several ways. The personnel you meet, from people at the reception desk to those who clean your room, are all actively involved in this environmental work. Your towels and sheets have been washed with environmentally-friendly detergents. Your room has been cleaned with the most environmentally suitable cleaning products. In the hotel restaurant you can often choose among many ecological foods.

You choose your hotel with care. We do the same at the Nordic Ecolabel. By always choosing a Nordic Ecolabelled hotel you are making a simple decision to help improve the environment. You can sleep here with a good conscience.