Rockwool is a world leading company for the production of mineral and stone wool for insulation: the company’s products affect the daily life of millions of individuals, contributing to the improvement of the environment by reducing greenhouse effect, pollution and acid rains by the application of technologically advanced solutions for energy efficient, fire proof buildings. Efficient house insulation creates pleasant, comfortable interiors by the exclusion of cold and, in warmer climates, the insulation is a method of maintaining cool, even temperatures indoors. Additional benefits are, that mineral and stone wool also has a greater fire resistance than other materials as well as providing superior acoustic insulation.

Apart from products for the construction industry, Rockwool’s contribution to environmental improvement includes green solutions for the horticultural industry, marine & offshore insulation and noise and vibration systems for modern infrastructure world-wide. Rockwool is contributes to numerous research and development projects in order to improve energy efficiency in buildings, creating a better energy efficiency and quality of life.