Västra Hamnen

The Western Harbour has in a couple of decades transformed itself from a shipyard into an area for knowledge and sustainable living with the famous Turning Torso building designed by architect Santiago Calatrava symbolizing post-industrial Malmö.
BO01 housing estate was built and completed for the European housing expo in 2001 as the “City of tomorrow”. The site shows a multitude of architectural solutions, and buildings are designed so that those who live and work in them can do so with a minimal environmental impact and ressource use.

The district is provided exclusively with energy from renewable sources such as sun, wind and water. A wind power plant with a 2 MW effectiveness supplies electricity for 1,000 flats plus pumping and lightning. 1,400 m2 of solar panelling covers 15% of the heating requirement, the remainder provided by heat pumps that extract heat from the sea and the bedrock.

The area is planned to minimise future transport needs and car dependency. Taking care of surface water efficiently is an important part of Västra Hamnen environment work. The water is collected locally and captured to an large extent by the moss and sedum matting on the roofs.