Finland has Northern Lights, 1000 lakes, and Santa Claus himself!

From the urban South to the magic of Finnish Lapland in the North; this country is assured to leave you with memories for life. In Finland you feel the seasons like no other place! Summer isn’t endless – but it offers endless days with the extraordinary Midnight Sun. In autumn a bucket of different colours seems to explode over the landscape and provide the tastiest berries, which have inspired the local food for centuries. Then there is winter – as close to a winter wonderland as you can possibly get!


Top Destinations



Embraced by the Baltic, Helsinki is a creative hub filled with design and architecture. The food scene is blooming with sustainably farmed and foraged ingredients.


This winter wonderland is filled with an unforgettable spell once the Northern Lights overflow the sky.


Kemi offers ice and snow in more than one way. Go on a Reindeer Safari and try floating in the ice-cold water while cruising on the first icebreaker ever used in Europe.


Turku has an interesting mix of old and new – with its medieval fortress, cobbled riverside streets contrasted by a vibrant harbour and art scene.

Inspirational Activities

(c) Markku Inkilä_visit Finland
Northern Lights | Lapland
The Northern Lights feel like arctic magic! Finnish Lapland is the perfect place to spot them – over 200 nights a year!
(c) Lauri Rotko_visitfinland
Restaurant Day | Helsinki
Helsinki is a Cool and Innovative City. Try Restaurant Day – a Festival organised 4 times a year where anyone can set-up a food joint anywhere they want.
(c) Raija Lehtonen_visitfinland
Santa Claus | Rovaniemi
Meet Santa Claus himself!
He ‘officially’ resides in Lapland.
(c) Julia Kivela_visitfinland
Sauna | Lakeland
The Finns invented the sauna. Here you can try a steaming hot sauna, a traditional Finnish sauna, a smoke sauna… and yes, even an ice sauna!
(c) Riku Pihlanto_visitfinland
Snowmobile | Kemi
Speed off on a Snowmobile. Enjoy the pale winter sun, and the solitude of the snowy winter Wonderland.
Foraging | Wild Nature
Go foraging freely in the nature anywhere you like - it's called "Everyman’s right”.
(c) Icebreaker_Sampo_visitfinland
Snow & Ice | Kemi
Like it Cold? Go on an Icebreaker Cruise, gear up and try floating in the ice-cold Sea.
(c) Arto Liiti_visitfinland
Sámi Culture | Lapland
Meet the unique Sámi People and learn about their rich culture and heritage.
(c) Tuomas Uusiheimo_visitfinland
Design & Architecture Tours | Helsinki
Helsinki has a wild and funky design scene. Go on a guided tour in the vibrant Design District.
Husky Safari | Lapland
Enjoy the white Wilderness on a dog sledding trip with the strong Huskies.
Midnight Sun | North of the Arctic Circle
Experience white summer nights where the sun stays above the horizon all night!
(c) Antti Pietikäinen_visitfinland
Igloo | Lapland
In Finnish Lapland you can sleep under the colours dancing in the sky, when staying in a glass igloo or a treetop suite.
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