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3-day Reward programme for 600 guests in Stockholm

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Nobel Themed Gala Dinner, and Archipelago Cruises


To create a truly memorable reward programme as the finale for the Renault Club de L’Elite campaign.

Logistic Requirements 

To provide the complete programme organisation for a 3-day reward programme for 600 persons, including accommodation, meals and events – and where all guests had to feel special.



300 couples arrived on Friday afternoon and were accommodated in 2 hotels, the Sheraton Stockholm & the Radisson SAS Royal Viking hotel. The first social event was to be a “vault dinner” and, to achieve this objective, the group was divided into 4 parties and 4 different cellar restaurants in Stockholm’s Gamla Stan (old town) were used, each providing the same set menu. On Saturday, the group was divided in 16 smaller units, all of which enjoyed the same activities but in a different order. The activities included a visit to Drottningholm Palace with a private concert in the chapel; a tour of Gamla Stan on foot, during which historical characters & medieval musicians appeared in relevant or strategic places; a visit to the Skansen Open Air Museum with lunch and the fantastic Vasa museum.  Saturday evening’s gala was arranged in Stockholm City Hall, drawing considerable inspiration from the Nobel Awards Ceremony, with presentation of the Renault Awards in the Golden Hall and the Gala Dinner in the Blue Hall.  Sunday was given over to relaxation, with a cruise through Stockholm’s archipelago, using 4 veteran steamboats. The group disembarked outside Stockholm for lunch in the countryside, before returning to the hotel.

In practice

Planning and preparations started just over a year before operation and the composition of a logistically feasible, yet creative programme proved to be challenging. The operation required 16 motor coaches for all transportation. With 16 units often involved in different activities simultaneously and yet which had to be all together at other times, the onsite management staff were impeccably focused on timing and coordination – thinking one group at one time and 16 groups at other times.


Renault chose Stockholm and First United for a second Club de L’Elite Reward the following year, and Top Niveau DIAC event two years later.

Agency: Prexo, France, Client: Renault.