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Sweden is super Trendy and offers you Urban lifestyle and untamed Wilderness

In Sweden everything is based on a sustainable and eco-friendly mindset. At the same time Sweden is all about fashion, food, and design. The urban lifestyle is contrasted with Mother Nature offering; archipelago, snowcapped mountains, and Northern Lights. Enjoy a Swedish Fika – coffee & pastry – while you enjoy the Scandinavian Dream come true…

Top Destinations



Being Trendy, is being Green. When you visit Stockholm you can eat, stay, and even live green. And just outside Stockholm you'll find the eco-friendly urban area; Hammarby Sjöstad, here it’s all about green living.


Gothenburg is the largest non-capital in the Nordics. It's a green city full of outdoor activities and with myriads of islands in the Archipelago.
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Swedish Lapland

Swedish Lapland, the land of 8 Seasons, the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Meet the Sami, Europe’s only indigenous people, and try dog sledding.
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Malmö is a melting pot of Nationalities and cultures. It's a charming city reaching out to all of the world. Malmø is joined to Denmark by the mighty Öresund bridge.
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Åre is Scandinavian's Ski Capital offering both alpine and cross-country, or try snowmobiles, dogsledding, or ice fall climbing.
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Inspirational Activities

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Viking Games & Viking Dinner | Stockholm
Spend a Day with Viking Games, and finish the day with a Viking themed gala dinner with Viking decorations on the walls, and live actors fighting in the full Viking gear.
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Hammarby Sjöstad | Stockholm
Visit the eco-friendly urban area, Hammarby Sjöstad, showcasing ecological and environmentally sensitive construction and living. On a tour you’ll learn about the history, the architecture, the everyday life of the families that live here and even how waste is managed!
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ECO Walking Tour | Malmö
Malmö is showcasing sustainable living. Take in the city on a guided tour showing you how the city has been transformed into a GREEN city and learn about urban farming.
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Nobel themed Gala Dinner | Stockholm
Throw a Nobel themed Gala Dinner at Stockholm City Hall where the yearly Nobel Prize Banquette is held.
Moose Safari | Åre
Go on a Moose Safari and get up close to the the King of the Forest in Åre.
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Sami Culture | Swedish Lapland
Eco-tourism is growing in Swedish Lapland. Sami Culture, Northern Lights, and reindeer or dog sleds are a must try!
Seafood | Gothenburg
Enjoy Seafood straight out of the water or go on a lobster ‘safari’ for yourself. Island-hop Gothenburg's archipelago or go bouldering on the islands.
Northern Lights | The Arctic Circle
Get blown away by the Northern Lights. Visit the ICEHotel built from scratch out of ice cut from the frozen river. Enjoy suites, a bar and art exhibitions.
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Rooftop Tour | Stockholm
See the sun set in Stockholm from the rooftops on a guided tour. It’s a unique combination of climbing & sightseeing.
Sailing | Archipelago
Sail the beautiful Archipelago in an Old Tall Ship.
Ocean Bus | Stockholm
Sightseeing with a twist, in this amphibious bus! Drive the streets of the city and then splash into the water – it’s an unforgettable way to arrive at your special event, dinner or party.
Seal Safari | Stockholm
Gear up in waterproofs and a life jacket and hop into a RIP boat. You’ll see the seals play, swim, sunbathe and siesta.  It is an unforgettable experience.
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