(c) the Thief, photo Mattias Hamrén and Jason Strong

E-vehicles are the new Black

Green Oslo is the perfect place to launch e-vehicles

First United prepared this event with our client Grass Roots Germany in 4 months. There were 5 groups of journalists, TV and Influencers from all over Europe. The event was tailored to show that you can experience the same freedom of movement with an E-vehicle as with a conventional car. The more than 300 journalists could pick their own routes and make a stop at 6 different points of interest in Oslo and the beautiful areas around the city. The points of interest covered iconic museums, glassworks, the royal yacht and scenic views and, at the same time, showed that in Oslo drivers can charge E-vehicles fast and smoothly everywhere. Oslo is the capital where there are most electric vehicles per capita in the world – still First United had extra charging stations installed in the parking basement of the iconic design hotel The Thief, just to prove that nothing is impossible; you can charge your E-vehicle anywhere.

Agency: Grass Roots Germany, Client: Opel

(c) theTheif, photo Mattias Hamrén and Jason Strong