A Fairy Tale Show

First Class Car Launch with 15.000 overnights


To create a “values environment” that matched the intrinsic values and the image which the client wished to project for the car model to be launched.

Logistic Requirements 

To organise overnight accommodation, meals and events for 7.500 persons across a 3-week time span – a total of 15.000 overnights and more than 70.000 meals.


Approximately 400 persons arrived and departed each day. The car was unveiled during an ice show (created especially for General Motors by PCI Fitch, UK) depicting some of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales which related to the qualities of the car.  The ice show took place in a former Tuborg Brewery bottling plant. On the second day, dealers attended an A/V presentation of the car as seen from a client viewpoint, which was organised in Øksnehallen – formerly the pre-slaughter stables at Copenhagen Meat Market. The rest of the day was then devoted to test driving the car, using locations that were also used for the film, before returning to Øksnehallen, which had been completely redecorated for dinner – a celebration of Scandinavian style with entertainment and a dinner based on new Nordic cuisine. Before being taken to the airport on the third day, the dealers attended a final, pre-delivery presentation of business information and then had a cruise through Copenhagen’s harbour to the Opera House where there was a backstage exhibition of the car, followed by a lovely lunch at the Opera House.


In pratice 

Preparations commenced 1½ years prior to the event. During the final 7 months, First United had a permanent four man team of project managers who were dedicated to the event. As event implementation came closer, this expanded to a squad of 100 event supervisors, coordinators and hostesses, working in 11 different locations.


Jens Hauer, General Motors Europe: “This was a highly significant launch for Opel. Our dealer and fleet audiences are vital to the vehicle’s success and this event gave them an extensive opportunity to experience the new Zafira, in ways intended to surprise and stimulate. The service First United delivered was exceptional and Copenhagen is ideal for first class events. We were delighted”.

Agency: Maritz Travel, Germany, Client: General Motors Europe